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Swimming Pool Filter 101

Keeping your pool tidy is the most crucial part of pool ownership. The flow of water permits the pool chemicals to keep the water sterilized and crystal clear. This is considerably aided by the type of swimming pool filter that you utilize in your swimming pool. The...

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Pool Care 101

TWO TIMES A WEEK: 1. Usage test strips or a test set to inspect and keep your pool water balance. Keep your pH levels in between 7.4 - 7.6.2. Test and preserve the totally free offered chlorine level at 1.0 - 3.0 ppm.3. Empty the skimmer basket and skim leaves, pests...

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Swimming Pool Chemistry to Extend Your Pool’s Life

Pool season is Not that far off, and it's time to prepare your backyard for a little R&R. Before you can hop in the pool, though, you need to get the pool chemistry right. Keeping appropriate swimming pool chemistry can help you save time and money. What is Pool...

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7 Common Swimming Pool Myths Busted

"Don't swim for a minimum of an hour after eating!" "Swimming pool chlorine will turn blonde hair green!" "Don't pee in the swimming pool! Your urine will turn blue!" We've all heard the reports, but are they true? Let's look at a few of the shared swimming pool...

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