Keeping your pool tidy is the most crucial part of pool ownership. The flow of water permits the pool chemicals to keep the water sterilized and crystal clear. This is considerably aided by the type of swimming pool filter that you utilize in your swimming pool.

The three kinds of swimming pool filters are sand, cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth. No matter the type of filter you have in your swimming pool; your swimming pool is just a pond without an excellent swimming pool filter.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are the easiest to utilize of all the kinds of pool filters. Their operation is really standard, however exceptional at doing the job of eliminating dirt and particles from your swimming pool. Swimming pool water is pumped into the filter, and the sand traps the contaminants. The tighter the sand is crammed in the filter the better. The water should work itself through the firmly compacted sand and is most likely to catch unwanted visitors.

Sand filters are more effective when they are somewhat unclean; subsequently, they must just be backwashed when needed by the increase in pressure. Sand filters ought to be cleaned at least every season with a filter cleaner. Dirt is removed from a sand filter by “backwashing” or reversing the water circulation.

Ask your pool professional about the correct “backwashing” treatment, as they change depending on the type of swimming pool filter you have. The filter should be backwashed when the pressure gauge on the filter unit suggests a 7-10 lbs. boost over normal operating pressure. This is the pressure indicated on the pressure gauge when the filter is completely clean. A sand filter can filter the swimming pool’s water down to about 25-30 microns of dirt. This is exceptionally advantageous at keeping your swimming pool’s water clean and bright. Consult your swimming pool expert for the frequency requirements for changing the sand.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

Diatomaceous Earth, or D.E., swimming pool filters will provide your pool the cleanest water of all the kinds of swimming pool filters. D.E. strains the finest particulates to about 5 microns. The Diatomaceous Earth swimming pool filter is in fact constructed of the exoskeleton of algae. Like sand filters, the D.E. filter is cleaned by backwashing the filter when pressure increases 7-10 pounds.

Nevertheless, once the filter has been backwashed, new Diatomaceous Earth needs to be contributed to coat the grids in the filter. This is accomplished by pouring D.E. through the skimmer. Your pool expert can tell you how much DE is required to “recharge” your filter. To cut oils and other natural oil build-up,

Diatomaceous Earth filter grids need to be cleaned a minimum of when every season utilizing filter cleaner and entirely as well as being inspected for tears or rips in the grids.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters have the highest capacity of all swimming pool filter types. This filter is the hybrid of the other two kinds of pool filter. The cartridge swimming pool filter only requires to be cleaned up twice a year. Dirt and debris need to be removed from a cartridge filter when the pressure gauge on the filter unit indicates an increase of 7-10 pounds. over normal operating pressure.

You should eliminate the cartridge, or cartridges, from the filter and pipe off all loose dirt and particles. It is best to soak the aspects in filter cleaner for a minimum of 12 hours or as suggested. This will get rid of all oils and grease embedded in the cartridge. After soaking, remove the cartridge and wash thoroughly with fresh water. Peak filter effectiveness is attained if you permit the cartridge to dry previous to re-installing in the filter.

Tip: buy a 2nd set of cartridge elements so they may be interchanged on a regular basis with the first set to prevent time with no swimming pool water circulation. The filter is very effective in filtering the water down to 15 microns and only needs moderate upkeep for sparkling clear water.

One of the most appealing parts of a pool is clean and clear pool water. It is a lot more satisfying to know that your pool has crystal clear water. The swimming pool’s filter is the catalyst behind clear pool water. Proper filter maintenance will enable you to enjoy your yard paradise for several years. So, when you think of enjoying your swimming pool this year, don’t forget about your swimming pool filter.